Florence Giuca
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Born at the dawn of 1991 in Strasbourg, I am a painter and an illustrator based in Paris. I studied graphic design, stopped off at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon and at the School of Fine Arts in Athens where my practice was permanently impacted by Mediterranean settings, including the se and nature.
After spending two years lost in the middle of the latter, I decided to go to Paris and pick up my brushes.
The heart of my work is here:

The invisible fascinates me and questions me: what is happening around me, in me? What moves us? Binds us? What are these nocturnal images coming straight from my subconscious?

Drawing and painting are languages that allow me to communicate with myself, to dwell on my emotions, my social ties, my dreams, in order to understand them and become familiar with them, to expel them, to make them last or even immortalize them.

I have fun creating my own visual symbolism in my works in order to cover my tracks, which allows me to keep a piece of secret garden and to be able to offer the other the story he wants to see.